May Q-Pon: Freeze-Dried Red Bell Peppers

Freeze-Dried Vegetables, Monthly Q
Each month ONE item is on sale at a significant discount for customers on the Thrive Monthly Q Program. It’s called the Q-Pon item. This month the Freeze-Dried Freeze Dried Red Bell Peppers are the featured product. This would be a good item to stock up on this month if you are on the Q! THRIVE Red Bell Peppers are just the thing to spice up any of your favorite foods. Try using red bell peppers in salsas, stir-fry, and soups. The bold taste will give a kick to your typical meal. Re-hydration Instructions: Add 1 cup THRIVE Red Bell Peppers to 1/3 cup of water. Add more water until moist, but not soggy. RECIPE: Sweet Pepper Dip Ingredients: 1 c. THRIVE™ Sour Cream Powder + ½ c. cold water…
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Buffalo Chicken Pizza With Bacon

Dinners, Freeze-Dried Chicken, Freeze-Dried Vegetables
I love the flavors of buffalo chicken, ranch, and bacon. There's something about that mixture that just speaks to me. I like that mixture on sandwiches, in wraps, salads, and anything else I can think of. The other day I was thinking it would make a great pizza. However, I didn't feel like thawing, cutting, and cooking chicken but that wasn't a problem at all! Enter in Thrive: This isn't a formal recipe, it's just something I put together. And you can too. Ingredients: Crust (pita, homemade dough, store bought dough, English muffin, whatever you want) Ranch Dressing Thrive Freeze-Dried Chicken Dices Buffalo Sauce Thrive Freeze-Dried Green Onions (Love these! Never throw away green onion leftovers again) Canned Pineapple Bacon (I like the precooked bacon from Costco for this. I…
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