Buffalo Chicken Pizza With Bacon

Dinners, Freeze-Dried Chicken, Freeze-Dried Vegetables
I love the flavors of buffalo chicken, ranch, and bacon. There's something about that mixture that just speaks to me. I like that mixture on sandwiches, in wraps, salads, and anything else I can think of. The other day I was thinking it would make a great pizza. However, I didn't feel like thawing, cutting, and cooking chicken but that wasn't a problem at all! Enter in Thrive: This isn't a formal recipe, it's just something I put together. And you can too. Ingredients: Crust (pita, homemade dough, store bought dough, English muffin, whatever you want) Ranch Dressing Thrive Freeze-Dried Chicken Dices Buffalo Sauce Thrive Freeze-Dried Green Onions (Love these! Never throw away green onion leftovers again) Canned Pineapple Bacon (I like the precooked bacon from Costco for this. I…
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