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The specials in March include some of my most favorite and often-used items. I basically love cranberry ANYTHING but I rarely buy cranberries at the store. Having freeze-dried on hand makes it so easy to make so many yummy foods. I’ll include a favorite recipe down below.

The combination of pasta, tomato sauce, and ground beef can make so many easy dinners when combined with a few other things. I never really use fresh ground beef any more (except to make meatballs, we love meatballs and they just work better with fresh beef).

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We’ve loved seeing all the new dinners that come out in the Simple Plate product line each month. This month’s new meal makes me happy because it’s vegetarian. Thrive is doing a great job at trying to create new meals for all different dietary preferences. I try to eat mainly vegetarian so this is great for me, but if I want to throw a little bit of meat on top for my kids that’s an easy add-on out of a can.

Turn pizza night into veggie night with our Veggie Infused Pizza Simple Plate! Get thick slices of cheesy pizza loaded with savory veggies and a homemade red sauce! Oh, and that fluffy crust? We put veggies in there, too. The kids are eating vegetarian tonight!

This meal is an awesome way to try a ton of different freeze-dried veggies without opening up individual cans (plus it gives you an easy dinner for a night that you might otherwise hit a drive-thru).


If you haven’t looked into Thrive’s delivery service you might want to check it out this month. For just a $100 a month budget you can become a preferred customer and get free shipping on all preferred items (which is mainly the freeze-dried foods and simple plate meals). You also get other perks like the monthly preferred coupon which gives you 25-30% off a favorite item each month.

This month I put 3 simple plate (3-serving) meals on my deliveries for a total of $56.01 (including the new one to try) and added a can of freeze-dried ground beef for $46.39. This barely hits my $100 mark so I get free shipping. I already have enough on hand of everything else on special but if you don’t you can add anything else freeze-dried for FREE SHIPPING. You can learn more about the delivery service at this link and choose if you’d like simple plates and regular food, or just one or the other. It’s easy to choose what works best for you.


I didn’t forget the cookie recipe, don’t worry. We made these cute cookie jar mixes for teacher gifts a few years back but the cookies are amazing to just make and eat at any time.

Click here for the full recipe and cute christmas labels if you want to save it for a future product or modify them for any other occasion.

- Jodi and Julie

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