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This month’s specials includes a BRAND NEW product! Introducing Grilled Chicken Slices … Get that smoky grilled chicken flavor without whipping out the grill! Sliced, seasoned, and grilled to perfection, add this Grilled Seasoned Chicken to your salads, fettuccine, or smother it in BBQ sauce for a tasty slider.

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We’ve loved seeing all the new dinners that come out in the Simple Plate product line each month. This month’s new meal looks awesome and very kid-friendly. I will post a review when we make it over here! If you haven’t looked into Thrive’s new simple plate service you can learn more at this link. It’s an awesome way to try a ton of different freeze-dried foods without opening up individual cans (plus it gives you an easy dinner for a night that you might otherwise hit a drive-thru).

Creamy Red Pepper Polenta
Mamma Mia! Dig into a creamy polenta base infused with cheese, cream, and garlic. Then top it off with a rich, balsamic-infused, medley of veggies and our new Grilled Seasoned Chicken!

- Jodi and Julie

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