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It’s the best time to load up on pantry staples or find a new family favorite! All Thrive Life food is up to 50% off during the Semi-Annual Sale, plus we have some amazing new products you’ll love! Click below to see the full-sized SALE FLYER.



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Pre-Order Through April 19
As consultants we can place orders the day before the sale officially starts. Fill out our pre-order form including the most heavily discounted items and unadvertised specials and we will place them on the 19th to give you a better chance of snagging them before they sell out!

Start a Monthly Q During the Sale and Earn Q Points
Q Club customers earn 3% cash back on all Q orders, get 30% off the monthly Qpon item every month, and have first access to sales along with consultants (start shopping April 19th for this sale). If you start your Q during the sale, simply add all of the sale items you want straight into your first shipment!

Shop Online From April 20-24
Use the “picker page” to fill your cart with everything you want to order. The prices will automatically change on April 20th. Come back any time during the sale and complete your checkout on your own. We recommend shopping sooner rather that later though!


Spend $150 during the sale and get free or half-off shipping on May’s Pulled Pork Creations dinner pack! You’ll get all the Thrive Life ingredients you need to make 7 deliciously easy recipes in under 30 minutes.

There’s a new muffin in town! Made with real, whole blueberries and ready in 15 minutes, your mornings are getting a lot easier! Get your Blueberry Muffin box, or try both flavors in a variety pack!

These bite-sized morsels of goodness were ONLY available during last year’s convention, but now they’ll be on sale while supplies last! Make sure to snag some bags fast, ’cause these fan favorites won’t last long!

Can I get a “woot woot?!” Get a box of 5 of our most popular Snackies for $19.99!


We’ve looked through the ads and done a little homework for you. The following items feature some of the deepest discounts (and will likely be the first to run out). These are good ones to pre-order or put in your Q on the 19th so you don’t miss out on them.

40%+ Off
• Most shelving units – 44% – 56%
• Large Beef Dices – 50%
• Cheddar Cheese (shredded) – 50%
• Butternut Squash – 40%
• Parmesan Cheese – Shredded – 40%

30% – 39% Off
• Fuji Apples – 35%
• Banana Slices – 35%
• Blueberries – 35%
• Mangoes – 35%
• Corn – 35%
• Fudge Brownie mix – 30%
• Classic Tomato Sauce – 30%
• Apricots – 30%
• Strawberry Slices – 30%
• Celery – 30%
• Onions (chopped/small) – 30%
• Chopped Spinach – 30%
• Quick Oats – 30%
• Vanilla Yogurt Bites – 30%
• Scrambled Egg mix – 30%
• Mozzarella Cheese (shredded) – 30%

20% – 29% Off
• Mushrooms – 25%
• Chopped Chicken – 25%
• Cauliflower – 23%
• Pears – 23%
• Snackies Favorites 5-pack – 23%
• Home Cookin’ Ground Beef Pack – 20%
• Raspberries – 20%


- Jodi and Julie

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