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February is an exciting month over at Thrive Life. The company is re-vamping their Monthly Q Autoship Program (coming soon) and also launched a new Taste of Thrive Intro Pack that is part of the Taste of Thrive month program available on the Q. As part of the launch, for the month of February you can get FREE SHIPPING on the new intro pack as either a one-time order or on the Q as part of your Taste of Thrive program!

We introduced the Taste of Thrive a few years ago with this video showing the contents of all three kits. It is a fabulous program for getting started with some of the best Thrive foods at only $100 a month. The Intro Kit makes it even better now! You get a full meal plan kit (similar to a Blue Apron or Hello Fresh concept) with detailed recipe cards and picture instructions making it so easy to open your kit and start cooking healthy meals for your family right away. Watch the video below to see the full contents of the kit and a close up of the recipe cards! Then check out the purchase options below to make sure you get your FREE SHIPPING this month.

How to Order

Option 1: Intro to Taste of Thrive Series on the Q

This is option is for those who want the complete taste of Thrive series. You will get the intro pack in month 1 followed by the regular three months of Taste of Thrive which is a wonderful introduction to Thrive with tons of resources for you to learn how to get started using Thrive right away.

This option is a little tricky to get set up properly, if you’d like us to do it for you feel free to email us at and we can start the process for you right away

Option 2: Kick-Start a Custom Q

If you want the intro pack but prefer to customize your monthly shipments after that, this is a great option for you. Simply add the intro pack as your first Q shipment (making sure it ships in February to get the free shipping). Then customize your future shipments to include whatever products you want.

(from this page click “SETUP Q” if you are not logged in or “ADD TO Q” if you already have a Thrive account)

Option 3: Purchase Individually

If you don’t want to be part of the Q (automatic grocery delivery program), you can just purchase the Intro Pack by itself with free shipping (if ordered in February) and no future shipments will come to you. You’ll need to go directly to the Intro Pack page and click “Add to Cart” and make a one-time purchase from there.


Whichever way you decide to get the Intro Pack into your home you will get FREE SHIPPING during the month of February. However, if you decide to opt for one of the first two options we will also send you a free snackie pouch of the Very Berry Parfait mix (our new favorite!) once your first order has shipped.

- Jodi and Julie

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