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We just got back from Thrive Life Convention 2016 and it was so great. Thrive introduced some NEW PRODUCTS we snacked on all weekend and we learned even more about the benefits of using Thrive for health and convenience. Here’s a quick summary and we will be keeping you posted as we try some of these products in our everyday cooking.


We’re excited to make some quick and easy dinners with the Freeze-Dried Pork and we’ll be adding Freeze-Dried Kale to our smoothies!
pork and kale


With school starting up we are so excited to get our hands on these snackies singles size. GOOD BYE high-fructose corn syrup fruit snacks. HELLO HEALTHY SNACKS! Check them all out here, or the variety pack here.
new snackies singles


Thrive never ceases to amaze us with their commitment to transparency and health.

- Jodi and Julie

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  • Alicia Mullins

    Hi there Ladies!
    I have been fallowing y’all for several years now and love the blog and all the information you share. I’ve thought often over the years about possibly selling Thrive and just a few minutes ago reached out via chat to find out if there is anyone in my area selling Thrive. After doing so I realized that I probably should have asked you that question because if I decide to join the ranks I want y’all to get the credit. With all that being said, I live in San Angelo, TX. If you can provide me with the information I would be grateful.

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