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Sometimes doing the work we do in the preparedness industry gives us some pretty rewarding experiences. Last night we had the opportunity to visit with Ted Koppel, former anchor of Nightline and author of the new book “Lights Out“. He gave a presentation on the concept of cyber terrorist attacks and how unprepared our country is to deal with them, which is the premise of his book. He has done vast amounts of research on this topic and a lot of what he has to say is pretty eye-opening. If you haven’t read the book yet we highly recommend it!


We were asked to provide some “food storage refreshments” to keep with the theme of the event. We wanted to make things really special so we brainstormed with Thrive Life’s infamous Chef Todd and he was amazing enough to help us with ALL of the food preparation. He went above and beyond and created an amazing menu featuring tons of Thrive Foods and helped us have it all ready to go for the event. We’ve been Chef Todd fans for a long time but are even bigger fans now!




Mini Quiche Lorraine – featuring powdered eggs, freeze-dried cheese, and Italian spice blend
BBQ Chicken Tartlets – featuring freeze-dried chicken and cilantro and Thrive Spice
Deviled Ham Tartlets – featuring freeze-dried ham, onions, and chives
Classic Tomato Bruschetta – featuring freeze-dried tomatoes, onions, and basil and Thrive Spice
Antipasta Platter – featuring pickled Thrive veggies, freeze-dried spinach, cheese, and herbs

Brownie Tarts – featuring Thrive brownie mix and freeze-dried strawberries
Coconut Panna Cotta – featuring Thrive freeze-dried fruits
Raspberry Sugar Cookie Thumb Prints – featuring Thrive sugar cookie mix and freeze-dried raspberries


While Chef Todd didn’t disclose his official recipes, several of these can be found on the Thrive Life recipe site or you can come up with your own using his ideas. The raspberry sugar cookies tasted just like these Peek Freans fruit creme cookies which happen to be my favorite cookie! It was so fun to see how you can take food storage foods and make the fun, delicious AND fancy!




- Jodi and Julie

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