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Meals-in-a-Jar eCookbook:  6 delicious and healthy just add water meals you can store in a jar

  • Looking for quick easy dinners?
  • Want to store complete meals for emergencies?
  • Would you like to save money by eating out less?

Our Meals in a Jar eCookbook will help you revolutionize your dinner time. Fill your pantry with these delicious kid-friendly foods and you will no longer have to fear the “What’s for dinner?” question!
Buy now at our special introductory price of just $2.99!

All meals will serve 5-6 people and can by made by just adding water and either simmering or baking. These meals can be made using simple freeze-dried and dehydrated foods along with powders, spices, and sauce mixes. We use Thrive Life foods to create these meals but other brands may be substituted as desired.

Jar Meals Include:

    Meals-in-a-Jar eCookbook:  6 delicious and healthy just add water meals you can store in a jar

  • Tortilla Soup
  • Chicken Bake
  • Veggie Beef Stew
  • Sausage Lasagna
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Hearty Chili

Bonus Content Includes:

  • Complete instructions and photos for each meal
  • Cute jar labels for each meal
  • Instructions for how to package meals optimally
  • Tips for preserving for longer term storage
  • Links to purchase the foods at a discount

Ready to get started?


- Jodi and Julie


  • Jolene

    My family tried the chili today and loved it! Thanks! I can’t wait to get the other ingredients and try the other recipes. With my family of 7 (including lots of hungry boys), I am doubling the recipes and putting them in FoodSaver bags. I’m also going to try to put together some half-recipes for my Boy Scouts to take camping. I look forward to more recipes like these 😉

  • Jolene

    And tonight, after playing in and shoveling several inches of fresh snow, we are digging into the tortilla soup. Super yum!

  • KT

    On the Chicken Chili post it tells you that you could get 15 jars out of the shopping list. I’ve been thinking about doing these for girls night! Do the recipes in the book do the same?

    • Jodi and Julie

      They don’t outline it so specifically, but you can count on there being about 11-12 cups in a #10 can and 4 cups in a pantry can so it’s not too hard to calculate it out. It just ends up with extra product of some items but you can use the product for other things but it makes the price per jar kind of inaccurate. So we opted to keep it simple in the book. Hope that makes sense.

    • Jodi and Julie

      Versus eating out, yes! Versus cooking something from scratch using fresh equivalents probably not as cost effective. Each meal can be between $8-12 but you can also lower the meat amounts and up the other items to make it cheaper. They are really flexible that way!

    • Jodi and Julie

      Probably 3-5 years if you use an oxygen absorber or vacuum seal them. It’s not an exact science. But all the items were initially freeze-dried or dehydrated so have pretty good shelf lives to begin with.

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