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One of the questions we most often get asked is “When are shelves going to go on sale???”

Well this month is the month! All of the most popular shelving units are on sale this month as part of the National Preparedness Month specials offered by Thrive Life.

If you aren’t sure which shelving option is right for your space, make sure to check out the in-depth SHELF POST we did that covers all of the configurations available for the standing rotating shelf units.

Here are a few of our favorite shelves that are ON SALE this month! To view all of the sale items make sure to click on the ad below. And don’t forget, with a lot of the shelves you have to actually click ADD TO CART before you see the final lowest sale price available to you. This is due to a programming issue since there are different configurations you can purchase.


Available in a traditional configuration (2 small, 1 medium, 1 large row) or a #10 can configuration (all large rows). This is the shelf unit that we each have in our homes. They are addicting! Once you fill one up you REALLY feel like you need to have another one, and maybe even another. It’s such a great feeling to have full shelves and know you are rotating through it all properly.
ON SALE FOR $258.99:CLICK “ADD TO CART” TO SEE FINAL SALES PRICE (usually the cheapest price online is $274.99)


If you don’t have the budget or space options for a harvest shelf, you will definitely want to pick a couple of these plastic cansolidator units. Sizes vary so you should be able to find a unit that will fit your pantry or cupboard space. The Cansolidator Pantry on sale for only $20.99 is the best value per number of cans it stores. We love it to store small cans that we use often in our kitchens. Helps us stay organized and tidy!
ON SALE FOR $18.99, $20.99, and $37.00 :CLICK “ADD TO CART” TO SEE FINAL SALES PRICE (depending on size)


- Jodi and Julie

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