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The THRIVE November Specials have been published and today we want to share with you some of our favorite items that are on sale! Each month we like to share with you what products we like most out of the sales list, how to use them, and what we use them in. So here we go:


Whole Egg Powder
Made up of both egg whites and yolks, THRIVE Whole Egg Powder is both incredible and edible. Eggs are a great source of protein and several B vitamins. THRIVE Whole Egg Powder makes baking and cooking simple. Try using THRIVE Whole Egg Powder in any of your favorite baking recipes-you’ll love the results.

How To Use It:
To reconstitute one egg: Mix 1 tablespoon Whole Egg Powder with 2 tablespoons water. Use for any recipe that calls for eggs. If you are making a recipe that has dry ingredients and wet ingredients, put the Whole Egg Powder straight into the dry ingredients and the water straight into the wet ingredients. No need to re-constitute before hand. It’s kind of nice!

What I Use It In:
I like to use Thrive Whole Egg Powder in baking. They work in cupcakes, cakes, and most baked goods. I have also used them when making lasagna noodles from scratch. My favorite way to use them is in a pancake mix I make. I combine the whole egg powder with whole wheat flour, powdered milk, and other ingredients. That way I have my OWN just add water pancake mix that I store in my freezer and can use anytime. The reason I love it so much is because most pre-made mixes like this contain ingredients I’m not very fond of! However, I’m fond of anything that makes cooking easier form me!

THRIVE Applesauce will be your new favorite quick snack. Just add water to the mixture and you will have a creamy applesauce that is made just the way you like it. THRIVE Applesauce will be ready anytime you want it for a snack or ingredient. The best part about this applesauce is that it contains ONLY apples. You are free to add any extra sweeteners or cinnamon or whatever you want. Can you tell I like to be in control of what is ADDED to my food?

How To Use It:
Put 1 cup THRIVE Applesauce and 2 1/2 cups hot water in a blender and blend on high until smooth. Add 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon and 2 tablespoons THRIVE White Sugar for a sweeter applesauce. Let cool in refrigerator for at at least 1 hour. Makes 3 cups applesauce.

What I Use It In:
While this Applesauce ends up tasting much more like homemade applesauce than store-bought and that is great, its not the main way I use it. I love to use this in oatmeal. I haven’t always loved oatmeal. I found that to make it taste any good, you have to add a LOT of sugars. Well if you add a 1/4 cup or so of this applesauce mixture added to your oatmeal before you cook it makes the oatmeal turn out SO good. The apple pieces are tiny, and permeate the whole bowl of oatmeal. It’s such a fresh flavor that leaves you feeling like you had a nice sweet breakfast, without the refined sugars.


Sour Cream Powder
You will want to keep THRIVE Sour Cream Powder in your pantry at all times so that you can make entrees, sides, and desserts at a moments notice. THRIVE Sour Cream Powder blends into the perfect creamy consistency just by adding water. You can easily make a thicker or thinner sour cream by adding more or less water when you mix it.

How To Use It:
Mix ½ cup water with 1 cup THRIVE Sour Cream Powder and mix thoroughly, adjust ratios for desired consistency. When used in baking it works best to mix the powder and water first, and then add to your recipe.

What I Use It In:
I love to use it in any of my casserole dishes that call for sour cream. It turns out perfect and I never have to worry about having sour cream on hand. It’s also good stirred into a chili at the end to make it a little creamier. Chef Todd recently taught me a trick that I am excited to try. By mixing Thrive Sour Cream Powder, Thrive Bechamel Sauce, and a little water you can make a great substitute for CREAM in any recipe. He added it to a basic tomato sauce to make a creamy “rose” sauce that was delicious. If you are wanting fresh sour cream to top your tacos, this would not give you the results you are looking for.

Use THRIVE Cornmeal to bring a touch of good ole’ southern cooking to your table. THRIVE Cornmeal is an essential product for making homemade cornbread biscuits, cakes, and dumplings! To make a simple cornbread recipe, follow the directions right on the can, or check back next week where I will share MY favorite recipe.

How To Use It:
THRIVE Cornmeal can be used the way you would use any cornmeal in your regular recipes.

What I Use It In:
I am a big fan of using fresh ground popcorn kernels in any recipes that call for cornmeal. It’s got a long shelf life and the freshness tastes great. However, I’m not always a fan of pulling out my wheat grinder for every little recipe, so I always keep a can of Thrive cornmeal on hand. It is better than any generic cornmeal I’ve gotten at the grocery store so it is a good substitute. I use cornmeal to make delicious corn pancakes (just like the ones IHOP sometimes has on their menu). I also adore buttermilk cornbread and love to make stews and chili recipes just so we can have cornbread as a side dish. Cornmeal muffins are also a favorite and you can even add little slices of hotdogs to make “corndog muffins”. There are so many ways to use it to add variety to your regular flour/wheat cooking.

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