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One of my favorite items from Thrive are their sauces! They make it so simple to cook with your home store without having to add in any additional ingredients from the grocery store. Who doesn’t love getting to skip out on a grocery store trip? You can put together complete and delicious meals. I have tried similar sauce powders from other companies and never been completely thrilled with how they tasted but every one of these ones is delicious and super easy to use.


The sauces can be used in so many recipes, and so many different ways. Here is how I have used each of the 4 sauces:

Bechamel Sauce

This one is my favorite, it is like a simple white sauce but rich and flavorful and thickens really fast for a quick dinner. I boiled some bow tie pasta and while it cooked I re-hydrated some freeze-dried chopped chicken and freeze-dried peas and heated up the sauce. I threw it all together with a little Thrive Spice and had dinner on the table in under 15 minutes. That’s a win around here!


Espagnole Sauce

I usually wait until I have leftovers from a roast beef dinner to make a good beef stew with my mom’s famous mashed potato biscuits. But I don’t make roast that often so I am always a little sad I don’t get to eat yummy stew very much. I decided to try a Beef Stew recipe and it didn’t fail me. I can’t believe how quick these sauces cook up, and adding in the freeze-dried foods just make the meal that much faster.

Tomato Sauce

I wasn’t sure about this one since I’ve already been using the tomato powder for my sauces and loving it. But I cooked this up using the Bolognese Sauce recipe from the Thrive Live website and it was AMAZING. It was seriously restaurant style sauce. No need to pay $15 for gourmet pasta at a restaurant! I think a big factor in this recipe turning out so great was the freeze-dried spices added in, so I’ll be interested to taste it plain and see if it is just as great.

Veloute Sauce

The Veloute is like a thick chicken gravy and can make a great substitute for cream of chicken or cream of mushroom in any recipe. My first thought was biscuits and gravy so I heated some up and threw in freeze-dried sausage. I actually had to cook my biscuits first since the sauce was done so fast. By the time they were done cooking we were in business.

I am a busy mom of four crazy kids who are in tons of after school activities so having all these new yummy dinner options opened up to me makes me very happy. If you want to try them too, make sure to shop from our consultant website so that you save off of retail pricing.
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- Jodi and Julie

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