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Who doesn’t love CHEESE? Thrive offers a variety of freeze-dried cheeses. Freeze-dried cheeses are great to use in casseroles, pizza, lasagna, as topping in soups and chills and so much more. Several of the cheeses are available this week as part of the BIG SPRING SALE with discounts up to 50% off!
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Here are the varieties of freeze-dried cheeses that Thrive Life offers and the current discounts:

The trick to getting freeze-dried cheese to turn out like regular cheese is to reconstitute it properly. Here are some directions on how to get your Thrive cheese working for you like a dream!

Tips for Reconstituting Freeze-Dried Cheese

Best Method: (from Thrive Life’s Chef Todd)
1. Place 2 cups of THRIVE cheese in a glass bowl.
2. With a spoon, lightly stir cheese while drizzling 1/2 cup of cold water over the cheese. Stir continuously until all the water is incorporated into the cheese.
3. Water should just barely start to collect on the bottom of the glass bowl. This is a sign that the cheese has absorbed enough water.
4. Place cheese in a zip lock bag and store in refrigerator overnight or for several hours before use.

Note: Cheese will last up to 8 days in refrigerator. Continue to reconstitute cheese, as you need it, following these simple steps. Adjust quantity for individual needs.

Quick Method:
1. Place a thick layer of paper towels on a plate.
2. Pour dried cheese onto the paper towels.
3. Spray the cheese with a spray bottle and stir around with your finger.
4. Continue spraying and waiting a little bit, spraying and waiting.
5. Once water starts to pool under the paper towel, it should be pretty well hydrated. It may be slightly crunchy but should work fine in recipes for melting, etc.

- Jodi and Julie

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