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Anyone can host a Thrive Life party! It’s a lot of fun and quite simple. Just invite your friends over to enjoy an exciting demonstration provided by a Thrive Life Consultant. When you host a party, you and your friends will learn how to prepare great tasting THRIVE recipes, learn valuable food preparation techniques, and gain insightful tips on how to effectively use THRIVE Foods in everyday living.

Benefits of Hosting a Thrive Life Party

  • Earn free and discounted Thrive Life products (10% of your order total in free product + even more product at 50% off)
  • Get the best prices on top of the line freeze dried and dehydrated food, shelving and emergency supplies.
  • Taste delicious Shelf Reliance Thrive foods
  • Teach your friends about food storage
  • Help feed the hungry. A percentage of all sales goes to our charity, Thriving Nations.
  • Learn more about hosting a party (or tasting) at this link

Contact us if you’d like to host a party. If you’re not in our area, we can hook you up with a local consultant.

Hosting an Online Party

Don’t feel like hosting a party at your home? We’re happy to help you host your own online, or email party. You can do this via email, word of mouth, facebook, or however you want!
Here is how it works:

  • Email us with the dates you want to host the party (you can make the party last up to 2 weeks).
  • We’ll send you instructions on how to let your friends know about the party, and how to make sure their orders get tied to you.
  • During your party your friends order through our website, get great discounts, and you earn host benefits.
  • Once your party is over we will send you a report listing your host benefits.  This will be 10% of all party orders in FREE product, plus you will also qualify for some additional products at 50% off.

You READY to earn free food?
Contact Us!

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