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As Thrive Life Consultants we have had the opportunity to have Thrive foods in our homes for over 4 years. These foods are delicious, convenient and healthy! We’ve tried a lot of freeze-dried food lines, and Thrive is our favorite. We hope to have you follow along as we share in our journey building our Home Store using Thrive. Join our list so you don’t miss a thing! (And get 3 FREE INSTANT BONUSES)

We are looking forward to sharing Thrive with you. This blog will give us the opportunity to show you how we use it EVERYDAY in our homes, and help you get it into your home as well. Thrive has saved us time, money, and a whole lot of energy cooking. On this blog we will be sharing the following with you:

  • Recipes
  • Kitchen Organizing and Cooking Tips
  • Product Reviews
  • How To Use Products

More On Thrive:

The THRIVE food line consists of the same foods you would purchase at the market—fruits, veggies, meats, beans, grains, dairy, and the basics—only with THRIVE you don’t have to dash to the store every time you run out of essential ingredients such as eggs or milk.

THRIVE has an extended shelf life, so you can store it in your own kitchen or pantry for a long time without worrying about spoilage. When you need an ingredient for one of your daily recipes, simply select the THRIVE product and add it to the mix— just like you would with fresh ingredients. Keeping THRIVE in your kitchen is just like having your own home market, completely stocked with all the food your family loves. The time you save by not rushing back and forth from the local grocery store will be valuable time you can spend doing the activities you enjoy.

- Jodi and Julie


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